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Amanda Greenslade is an editor in Brisbane who offers editing services Australia-wide.

Text is all around us and language is constantly evolving. The role of writers and editors is just as important in today’s information age as it was in the past. With the rise of literacy in Australia and other developed nations, people from all walks of life are writing and reading more than ever.

Many people are publishing their words online and in books without having someone trained in grammar and Australian spelling look over them. The result is websites and published works with glaring mistakes and ambiguity. Editing and proofreading is not about being a stickler for perfection, rather it aims to make text more readable and easier to understand to the primary readership.

Editing should be flexible and reflect a strong understanding of (a) the target market and (b) the technical environment of the words. For example, if the words are intended for typesetting in Adobe InDesign, there will be different formatting requirements from what is required if they are intended for a webpage. There are many different kinds of editing and different levels of perfectionism so with each job, your editor should strive for the right balance. It may be counterproductive if an editor is too pedantic and drives a writer, designer or publisher up the wall for the sake of a tiny number of unimportant sticking points.

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